Colan F. Biemer





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Work Experience

Applications Programmer, University of California Riverside Brain Game Center
Riverside, CA — August 2017 - June 2019 Information Technology Research Center Co-op, BMW
Greenville, SC — April 2016 - September 2016
Programmer, Entrepreneurial Game Studio
Philadelphia, PA — October 2013 - August 2017
R&D Innovations Team Development Co-op, iPipeline
Philadelphia, PA — April 2015 - September 2015



09/05/22     Graph Simplification for a Faster A*
02/09/22     Active RL: Q-Learning and Sarsa
02/02/22     Recording of Talk for the Entrepreneurial Game Studio: Games for Research and Research for Games
02/01/22     Temporal Difference Learning
01/31/22     Policy Iteration
01/26/22     Value Iteration
01/25/22     Revised Direct Utility Estimation For Better MDP
01/20/22     Direct Utility Estimation
01/13/22     Generative Art III: Conway's Game of Life
12/21/21     Generative Art II: Lightning
09/14/21     Generative Art I: Circles and Squares
03/15/21     Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
03/10/21     An Introduction to Naive Bayes Classification
03/09/21     Deriving the Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression Solution
02/28/21     Decision Boundary Jupyter Notebook
10/20/20     Motivating the Backoff N-Gram
08/20/20     Creating a Simple Typing Game
05/28/20     Chrome Extension for Inverting Colors
09/11/19     N-Grams: Joint Probability
09/08/19     Ring Buffers
09/05/19     N-Grams with Harry Potter
02/25/19     A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab
02/10/19     My ProcJam 2018 Postmortem
01/27/19     Playing Smart by Julian Togelius
01/26/19     Q Learning: Starting From the Top
01/25/19     Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford
01/12/19     A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Shwab
01/06/19     My Reading Memorandum
12/08/18     Meatball Competition: Week 4
12/03/18     The Prince: Chapter 2
12/02/18     Meatball Competition: Week 3
11/25/18     Meatball Competition: Week 2
10/22/18     Meatball Competition: Week 1
10/20/18     The Prince: Chapter 1
07/29/18     Redacting PDFs
07/10/18     Fractal Tree Visualization
06/24/18     Unity: Using Animation Curves
06/17/18     GDMC Part 2: Manipulating the Ground
04/16/18     Visualizing Sorting Algorithms with OpenGL
03/20/18     Making Rush Hour Part 2: Github and Matrix Formats
03/03/18     Making Rush Hour Part 1: Requirements and Basic Structuring
02/26/18     GDMC Part 1: MCEdit Basics
10/25/17     C++ to Python: Bindings with Swig
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Sisyphus's Dungeon
(Active Development)
This is a game that is a work in progress, so no guarantee that everything is correctly functioning or that it's fun. It is a roguelike developed in Typescript and rot.js for rendering. The code is on Github.

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Match Three
(Active Development)
Someone brought up match three games with me at AIIDE 2023, and I realized that I had never made one of those games. So, I made one. It isn't perfect, it definitely could use a lot of user experience improvements, but I've enjoyed working on it. The assets are not my own. The code is on Github. NOTE: version online is currently broken. Don't judge me. I'm changing to bit boards.

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This is an implementation of Pong in Rust with Macroquad. The code is on Github.

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This is an implementation of Connect-Four in Rust with Macroquad. I got fairly into the optimization side of things and got it running pretty fast locally. Unfortunately, the WASM version isn't fast enough to run the impossible version of the AI, but you can run that locally. The code is on Github.

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This is a re-implementation of DungeonGrams in TypeScript. I'm using the engine I built for the maze game, and I've named it WorldEngine! (It made me laugh.)

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Maze Game
A simple implementation of a maze game using DFS to build the maze. I mostly focused on a small engine I'm writing in TypeScript. The main impetus was to give ECS a try and see how it goes. The implementation is okay but needs some work.

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My first TypeScript game. This project was just to familiarize myself with the language. You play as X against a minimax implementation. It should be impossible for you to win unless I made a mistake. (I don't think I did.)

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Another Typing Game
A simple typing game. Nothing special.

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Play rock-paper-scissors against an n-gram that learns how to beat you. It's crazy good.